The best disposal method. Period.

Sustainably sourced, sealable, opaque sanitary disposal bags.

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No Fuss, No Stress, No Mess.


Our biodegradable sanitary bags are made from plants and recycled materials. View our bestsellers below...
Bathroom Pack
Bathroom Pack

Bathroom Pack


Starter Pack
Starter Pack

Starter Pack


Starter Pack Plus
Starter Pack Plus

Starter Pack Plus


The Sixers - Bestseller!
The Sixers - Bestseller!

The Sixers - Bestseller!



Multipurpose, sustainably sourced, sealable, opaque disposal bags. Which bag is right for you? Fab Little Bag on the left, or the NEW HyGeeni on the right.



We can tell you just how much we love our FabLittleBag. But, there is nothing better than real customer feedback. Check out our customer reviews...

Helena A

"I think what you've invented is the greatest thing ever! Very useful and very eco friendly."

Life, Love & Dirty Dishes

New to Fab

“Do you ever come across a product and wonder where it's been all your life?”


New Binner

“ They make the whole process a lot easier and less messy. Even after just two days I’m totally converted!! ”


No Longer Anxious

“ Love FabLittleBag! Personally, removes anxiety when having to dispose of sanitary products and contributes to my professional goal of encouraging the message of 'only toilet paper, pee and poo go down the loo' - no-one is tempted to flush a sanitary product when they have a fab little bag handy. Thank you for developing them. ”

Sunday Times Style Magazine

“It’s the best solution, full stop. Period.”

Elizabeth B

“Your product is an actual life saviour ... THANKS!”


Looking for a discreet option

“I love this product, it's part of my monthly bag now for sure! Natural and pretty discreet packaging not to mention very handy and easy to use”


"I Love it!"

“Just received my dispenser. I love it! Easy to use, clean, modern and just perfect for holding my FabLittleBags ”


“Fantastically simple and easy to use. Made staying over at a friend’s a complete breeze.”

Karen S

“I'm loving the FabLittleBags and currently trying to convert my sister. So convenient especially in a public place and hygienic.  Great for the handbag and I like how they don't rattle so much!”

Ama Agbeze

Team England Netball

“They are actually fab! It's good to never be caught short - thanks”


With FLB on hand, binning is easy,
making flushing a faux pas of the past.

Flushing Facts

Our missions is to help prevent blocked sewers & polluted waterways by keeping sanitary waste out of the toilet. The FLB makes binning easy. No Fuss, No Stress, No Mess.

Why Bin?

Binning has not always practical. With FLB it is no longer stressful. A clean & discreet sanitary disposal method for the home, office, and on the run.