The little bag, that makes a big impact.  

FabLittleBag is not only perfect for offices, also for remote & offshore workers, mobile work sites, and any team that is on the move, or located where sanitary bins are not available in all facilities.
Employers include SME’s and large government agencies, emergency services, accomodation providers, mining & construction companies and many more industries looking to ensure women have hygienic sanitary disposal options, wherever they go, on and off site.


FabLittleBag provides users with a hygienic and sanitary waste disposal option when no bins are present. The bag is opaque, has patented loops for fingers to secure the bag during use, and seals closed so there are no leaks and no mess after use. This makes disposal and carrying the waste discreet and stress-free.
Users across many industries have found using FabLittleBag removes the need to flush products when there are no bins. We created the Starter Kits to give workers a way to dispose of waste on the move in a discreet and hygienic way. Fully customisable, with sanitary items, sanitiser, wipes and carry bag, the kits are the perfect way to make staff feel welcome and comfortable in the field.


Our kits can be customised with your brand or supplied ready-made. The Work Kits are tailored to suit your teams needs with inclusions of FabLittleBag, Tampons, Pads, Sanitiser, Feminine wipes all as optional extras.
Kits can be tailored to suit your environment. Options include Natural Canvas, Waterproof Nylon, Leather, Neoprene and Recycled Materials. We have standard toiletry bags, single or double compartment bags, to bags with straps and clips. All custom made and sized to suit your needs.


Our dispensers are perfect option for business washrooms. Businesses that do not have the need for regular sanitary bin servicing or no access to affordable bin servicing, and great for irregular and seasonal use see bins fill quickly or infrequently as it can simply be disposed of into the regular waste.

FabLittleBag is discreetly disposed of in the waste basket making it easy to clear for regular cleaners or admin staff. Perfect for remote, and portable washrooms. FLB is not only hygienic and mess free, it is convenient and cost effective option for businesses.