Ending Period Pollution

FabLittleBag was designed to protect rivers, oceans and beaches from the pollution caused by flushed period products. It is estimated in Australia 50% of women flush their tampons and pads down the toilet every day. Clean Up Australia facts suggest up to 57 million sanitary products could be flushed every month. With the UK flushing 117 million tampons and pads down the toilet each month, this a big issue locally as well as globally.

FabLittleBags are made of plants (which means they are carbon reducing) and recycled plastics, supporting the circular economy of waste. Our glue to seal the bag closed is vegan.

Our mission is to provide a convenient and hygienic solution to confidently dispose of sanitary products and reduce the impact of flushing sanitary waste on our waterways.

Ending Period Pollution

No Stress No Mess

Responsible disposal, binning has not always been practical, however it just got easier. FabLittleBag takes away the angst & discomfort of disposal, knowing wherever you are, you will be able to dispose of your pad, tampon, applicator and wrapper easily, securely, and hygienically. No fuss, no stress & no mess.

Secure enough to carry with you or in your bag until you find a bin to dispose of it. Once in the bin, it is discreetly opaque, leak & odour free, so no embarrassing or offensive odours.

The FabLittleBag is THE perfect handbag accessory, small enough to carry everywhere, so your never caught out, when out and about.

Imagine enjoying your time out, another tea, or wine with friends, longer time on the picnic rug, no more avoiding extra curricular fun when on your period and no more rushing to get home. Say hello to the new you, with FabLittleBag in hand.

No Stress No Mess

From the Fab Founder

Striving for a hygienic, easy and discreet way to deal with disposal.