Introducing The HyGeeni Bag

FabLittleBag decided disposing of sanitary products needed a revamp, and invented FabLittleBag to keep period products out of the oceans and make binning easy.

And now we have upped our game and addressed the disposal needs for other products that cause awkwardness and are sometimes troublesome to dispose of. The HyGeeni bag is the latest addition to the FabLittleBag family. A bigger, multipurpose bag, with more room for larger items and is perfect for large sanitary items such as maternity pads, nappies, incontinence products, ostomy bags and catheters. The aim is, to ensure disposal with dignity no matter where you may be. Opening with one hand, opaque and sealing firmly closed, HyGeeni makes the disposal experience easy, hygienic, and discreet.

The FabLittleBag brand thrives in educating about the negative impacts of flushing products down the toilet, protecting our rivers and oceans, and making being a Binner a great experience. With staggering statistics showing in the UK alone 2.5m tampons and 1.4m pads are flushed down the toilet each day! 


The on-the-go essential on day trips, ensuring easy, confident and hygienic disposal of anything from colostomy bags, ileostomy bags, stoma bags, babies nappies, incontinence sheaths and pads.

The sustainably sourced, sealable disposal bags are a convenient fuss free essential when traveling. Whether summer at a hotel where you want a discreet disposable, on the ski slopes, a boat, or outback camping, HyGeeni has your back. The HyGeeni multipurpose bag is perfect for folding into your bag making  convenient for any getaway. 


This multipurpose solution is used for all the essentials including: maternity pads, used nappies/diapers, incontinence pads, sheaths, ostomy bags and catheters. Plus, they are perfect for remote use, when disposal is not possible. The HyGeeni is perfect to dispose of waste you need to carry with you while on the go, in a mess and fuss free way. It is odourless, concealed and leak free. So your medical items, used condoms, used wipes, used sanitary products, food, used Covid tests. No matter what the item, this hygienic disposable method is a clean, discreet way to revolutionize your outings. Odors are locked in, and you can’t see what's inside. No Mess No Stress. 


With the thought for the environment being prominent in everything we do, our HyGeeni bags are made from 55% sugarcane waste, and 45% recycled plastic materials. They are easy to use, opening with one hand, they are strong and opaque for discretion, hygienic as they seal firmly closed locking in odours. 


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