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Let's Talk About Flushing...

Let's Talk About Flushing...

How you can prevent toilet blockages and save the beaches by disposing your pads and tampons properly.

We have all done it, and if not, we have thought about doing it. Easy and convenient, the waste disappears, and you forget it was ever an issue. Unfortunately, that little sanitary product is now on a journey to join others in the blockages water companies are trying to clear up and if it's gets through, it heads out to the wider ocean where it becomes one of the top 10 ocean polluters of our time, destroying marine life and environment.  

Tampons and pads are great at absorbing liquid, why they are a chosen item for many women at that time of the month, and it is not shocking to know that sanitary products expand in their size within the drainage system adding to massive blockage in waterways, known as fatbergs. This nasty concoction of tampons, pads, condoms, baby wipes, all held together by all the fats and oils we pour down the sink, form this horrific lump that has to be drilled out and cleared by disposing of in landfill. And so, it is not only tampons that get flushed that shouldn’t be, there are many that do. And when they do, we may just come across them when we hit the surf in summer. So if it does not sound very appealing to us, imagine what the sea life think. 


The solution to the fatberg of a problem, is actually very simple. Just bin it!

While no one wants to cause pollution, life does not always give you what you need to avoid it. A nice clean bin that works to dispose of your tampons and pads, can sometime be like finding gold.

We have ALL been there, the uncomfortable situation where we find ourselves alone, in the toilet stall with just a toilet... no bin, no waste basket, just a button, ready to flush. At the beach, a friend’s house, the shared toilet at work, a public toilet… The place that still exists, and sanitary bins do not. So we know waste bins are not everywhere, and certainly not always clean and working.

Walking around with a bloody tampon in your pocket searching for a bin, is extremely uncomfortable. No matter how many times you triple wrap that tampon, the leak, the odour, the mess... is all your can think about.

Thankfully today we have solutions to this issue.  An extra bin or two, period undies to tie you over until you find a toilet with a bin, or get home. And for those not willing to don the undies or give up their freedom to choose tampons, there there is FabLittleBag.

Designed for this very problem. The innovative sanitary disposal bag fits all used period products in, seals them securely with no leaks and no mess. Easy to use with one hand, sealed in a neat and opaque little pouch, ready to dispose of them when you find the next bin available. The product we have all been looking for, yet we didn't know it until we found it.

The FabLittleBag saves women from having to choose between flushing and stress. Say goodbye to triple wrap angst, and that awkward feeling you may get from leaving your tampon and its odour in someone else’s bin.

On top of being extremely handy, they are made from sustainable and recycled ingredients, making this little beauty the perfect binning companion, no mess, no stress sanitary disposal. 


In an ideal world, we have no tampons or pads, and we all use eco-friendly reusable period products such as menstrual cups, and washable period underwear or pads. Then we would not need to dispose of tampons.

While these solutions may sound ideal for the environment, it is not easy to change habits or turn the whole population into eco-activists. Plus we all value freedom of choice to use the products that best fit our needs.

For now small steps to avoid flushing, and make our everyday lives less stressful is a great start and our team at FabLittleBag are working to make this solution as responsible as possible. Small bag, big impact.